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The moment Taryn gets out of the cab in France, you can feel the steam rise! Taryn is an aspiring chef from New York seeking culinary training at the prestigious International Institute of Culinary Arts in the beautiful city of Paris, France. She is ready to learn from the top chefs in the world and is very excited to take on the new challenges of a hard core culinary school.

She had done her research and knew that one of her instructors would be the very talented and internationally know chef, Errol King. But that stranger that she bumped into that first day changed the course of events for Taryn. Errol steps in and ensures that she will be living with him as his assistant, saving her from that nasty little hole. But Errol has a hard time controlling what he wants as much as Taryn does… But Errol is her instructor and she is his student. How many lines are they willing to cross and at what cost? This book was a tasty treat for the culinary palate and both Errol and Taryn proved to be two completely hot messes.

I loved the chemistry between the characters. He took control and she wanted to let go of control. It was the perfect mix, well, except that crispy gooey experiment… but you can read about that. This book left me wanting more and more and I am so anxious to read Savor Me, the next book in this tempting series by Kailin Gow! This book was well written and had just the right amount of ingredients to make it tasty, tempting and delicious! Jun 01, pinK rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-billionaire. I'm pretty sure I wanted to read this book for different reasons than most.

Nothing to me is more sexy than a man that cooks, and I instantly wanted to read this book just for that reason. The erotica aspect almost made me change my mind about reading it, but cooking men are just that hot to me. I would not be deterred! This book didn't read like most of the erotica books I've read.

It's possible that I've just ha I'm pretty sure I wanted to read this book for different reasons than most. It's possible that I've just had poor luck with this genre, but all of my experiences so far with erotica has been sex over story. I don't really care for that. This book was totally different than that. It had super-hot sex AND a fabulous story. THIS is what erotica should always be like! Not only did this book have an amazing plot, but the cast of characters were all easy to get into. All the characters were so well done that I either wanted to hug them or slap them.

The main characters also had amazing growth. Taryn and Errol both have some interesting past keeping them from finding love, but they're able to work through most of these issues to learn how to care for one another. The ending - oh the ending. Trust me. You'll definitely be left wanting more.

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I want the second book now!! This is a great book for anyone that wants to read a sexy story with a fun twist! May 29, Sharon Mariampillai rated it really liked it Shelves: boyfriend-material , reads , e-books , romance , must-read , 4-stars , student-teacher , contemporary , new-adult , favourite-heroines. Actual Rating: 3. It is the love story of Errol and Taryn. I think it is great, but it could have been better. I thought the story was great and I thought it was a great student-teacher romance.

Errol King is the culinary chef that teaches at a Culinary Institute. He is the bad boy chef with green eyes. He is charming, passionate and sexy as hell. He is French, which makes him all the more appealing. Taryn Cummings is a culinary student at the Institute.


She wanted to j Actual Rating: 3. She wanted to join the program because of Errol King. She is from New York. She falls for Errol and he falls for her. They have great chemistry, and it shows with all of the sexy scenes. The ending is bittersweet. I hope book 2 brings Errol and Taryn closer than in this book. Can't wait to read Savor Me, and I hope this series gets better and better. Overall, an interesting read. May 31, Kimmie rated it it was amazing. Holly hell what a book! This is an amazing story. It is so well-written and thought out. This book like all her books are hard to put down.

And this was one hot and steamy book. But she is in for a surprise already having a bad day and coffee all over her clothing, Errol agrees to take Taryn to her new apartment. As soon as they arrive there, he does not like what he sees.

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Her Holly hell what a book! Her apartment is bad and unlivable. Errol purposes that she come and stays with him and but that is not all he wants her to do. He wants her in his bed too. That is when things start heating up quickly in both the classroom and the bedroom. And take care of you to. I didn't realize this was a trilogy about the same couple, but this book ends in a cliffhanger. So now I have to get the next book as fast as I can. Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too. May 18, Shanell Meek rated it it was amazing. She ends up rooming with her sexy as sin itself instructor and things start heating up quickly in both the classroom and the bedroom. Kailin Gow did a wonderful job of creating her characters to be personable, and describing them in such detail that the reader feels like they know them personally.

The story is fantastic, I felt like I was there and actively part of the events, seeing them first hand. Jun 09, Wild Wordy rated it really liked it. Saffron - I am loving the chef books out there lately! Total foodie here! Food and sex! Match made in heaven! Jillian - Hot men that can cook are always a bonus! Noemi - Oh ya!!! There is something so hot about a man who knows his way around a kitchen. Oh and the fact that he's French doesn't hurt, he he. Saffron - French is a romance language after all!

Jillian - From the beginning of this book the connection between Taryn and Errol was super intense it was pretty awesome! Noemi - Oh the chemistry Saffron - I am loving the chef books out there lately! Noemi - Oh the chemistry was amazballs!!!! I had to fan myself more than once. Errol is sooo hot Jillian - Oh yes, It was dare I say Steamy Saffron - He was definitely taking charge too! From the moment he gave her a ride to her apt to the very end. Jillian - It was so crazy that he had her move in within an hour of meeting her. I mean he knew of her but he didn't know her. Noemi - Taryn surely make a connection with him that he just couldn't help himself.

But hey for that apartment in Paris I'd move in in a heartbeat! Saffron - Sounded like a gorgeous view! Jillian - I wouldn't say no Noemi - I loved the description of the Institute and the classes. Oh and Henri seemed pretty cute too. Saffron - I was making a disgusting face the whole time she was in that apartment. Jillian - I know I for sure had the scrunch face going on. Saffron - Henri was such a nice guy!

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Jillian - Henri seemed so adorable. The type of guy to really take care you and give you anything you want. But he wouldn't give you hot sex and passion. Noemi - So true. Saffron — He might though! He was passionate about food Jillian - I liked Errol's tutoring skills Saffron - In the kitchen? Jillian - Oh Yes and on the couch Noemi - They just didn't have the chemistry that Errol and Taryn had. That scene made me drop my kindle!! Saffron - Absolutely! But no spoilers! Noemi - I'm not spoiling anything I'm just pointing out not to miss scenes lol Saffron - Everyone should read it twice and take notes Jillian - But I won't say anything to spoil it for you just be ready is all I have to say.

Noemi - Make sure you have extra batteries on hand lol Jillian - HA! Saffron - What did you think of Madame X? Jillian - Ugh Madame X I pretty much hate her guts! Just sayin' Noemi - I wanted to slap her silly. But then again she might like that. Saffron - Punch her in the uterus more like it. Women like that send me over the edge. Noemi - Unfortunately they like that fact that they get to you and take advantage of it. Saffron - I was proud of Taryn for not breaking down, but man did I ever get mad! Jillian - Yep, She liked that she was getting to Taryn.

I hope in the second book Taryn puts that Bitch in her place! Noemi - Oh they might want to sell tickets to that confrontation. Jillian - I'd pay to see that Cat fight! Jillian - I hope so too! Noemi -I loved the description of Paris and the country side. Makes me want to jump on a plane now! Jillian - It's sounds so beautiful and peaceful. Saffron - Reminded me of a lot of my friends' farms back home. I want a picnic with cheese and wine now Noemi - I just want to eat all the food they made lol Jillian - I know right!

I want to live with a world famous chef! Saffron - I want Errol to cook for me Some hot French man Jillian - Maybe both? Noemi - Now who's getting steamy lol Saffron - Hmmm Never thought of that! Errol was too jealous though! He can't share. Jillian - This is true. He is crazy possessive. Noemi - Ok I have to bring up what I'm calling the "incident".

It left me heartbroken for both of them. Saffron - I wanted to cry Jillian - My heart was in my throat for sure Noemi - I'm dying to know what happens next. Thank goodness we don't have to wait too long for Savor Me to come out! Saffron - I can't wait either! Jillian - I know I can't wait. I have a feeling things are going to get very interesting. Noemi - Well I give Devour Me 4. Jillian - I am the same 4. May 28, Courtney rated it it was amazing. WOW — she really knows how to pull you into the story and never want to come out!!! Devour Me is WOW!!


Yes, I devoured this book in one-sitting. And then I am left hanging — GAH!!!! From the very beginning, Taryn and Errol interested me. She was confident when it came to her knowledge of the culinary world. But when it came to the world of relationships and sex, she was reserved and shy. However — when it came to Errol, she knew what she was doing and what it could cost her. But at the same time, in the heat of the moment, those consequences were forgotten.

As the story progresses, she becomes more confident in herself and the affect she has on Errol. But add the physique and his mannerisms and women are drawn to him like a magnet. Errol is just as meticulous in bedroom as he is in the kitchen. The man loves to keep his lovers well taken care of and always wanting to keep things lively. He is just all man!! His sultry smile exposed perfectly aligned teeth that gleamed. Dark, sexy and talented…. Taryn has never met someone where she is this drawn to a man — even one man that she knows she needs to stay away from — her professor!

Errol wanted her before he met her and he was going to make it happen. He was going to have her. Can Taryn survive being his student and lover?? Or will Errol push her too far?? The passion between these two is obvious from the beginning. Even though they both either tried to deny or fake disinterest — sex was imminent. And it is hot sex. Who would thought that kitchen utensils could turn you on??? Your taste is a constant aphrodisiac for me, Taryn. Did he care? She was just a… He inhaled deeply and reminded himself who he was.

He could have any woman. Yes…but he wanted this one. He desired this one. You must go buy this book!! Jul 18, Roses Book Blog rated it it was amazing. Taryn's dreams are coming true. She gets accepted to the International Institute of Culinary Arts her ultimate dream and her way to help her mom with their restaurant back in New York. Taryn has always dreamed of being a chef. She has a passion and drive that leads her all the way to Paris. As soon as she arrives at the institute she gets mulled by a dog and faced with a man who only speaks French. In walks Errol King.

A world-renowned chef who is known to be not only hot and have a string of wo Taryn's dreams are coming true. A world-renowned chef who is known to be not only hot and have a string of women but rumored to be a tough chef, comes to her rescue and captures Taryn's attention. Taryn has dreamed of meeting Errol since before she applied to the institute and now she finds herself with him.

Already having a bad day and coffee all over her clothing, Errol agrees to take Taryn to her new apartment. From the second they arrive there, Errol does not like what he sees.

On Me

The apartment is in horrible condition and is unlivable. Errol purposes that Taryn come and stay with him and from the start he makes it clear that he wants Taryn in his bed. Taryn doesn't feel right living with her instructor, that is until Errol tells her that he needs a live in assistant and wants Taryn to be his assistant. It isn't long before the relationship between Taryn and Errol grows and before long they are sharing a bed.

But Errol has made it clear that he doesn't believe in love and that he doesn't do relationships. Taryn is determined to stay focused on her studies, but when tragedy strikes Errol she finds herself ready to run in the other direction. To make matters worse when not one but two of his ex's enter the picture, Taryn sees that she has competition that she cannot compare to. These women are walking, talking sex goddesses that have so much more experience than she does and she feels herself unable to compete with their attention towards him.

Errol insists that he doesn't want anything to do with either one of them, but one of them makes it their personal mission to make her life a living hell. Will Errol be able to convince Taryn to stay in his bed and will Taryn be able to convince Errol that a relationship together is worth fighting for? This book had me drawn toward it before I even opened it and started reading the first page. The cover, WOW I knew this was going to be a hot book.

What I didn't expect was to need a fan and cold water on more than one occasion. I swear that I will NEVER look at the kitchen the same again after some of the scenes in this involving tools and food. Yes, tools AND food. This book was amazing and led right up to the second book Savor Me that I know is going to be just as amazing as the first book. Well worth the read and Kailin has a real hit on her hands with this series! You border on TSTL at time 3. Jun 04, Mary Tatar rated it it was amazing. I am totally digging Kailin Gow's new adult books. She did an excellent job with Devour Me.

I loved the first book in In The Masters Chef series. I was hooked from the beginning. The characters pulled me in right away and I loved the premise of the story. I've never been to Paris but while reading this book I felt like I was there. Taryn is excited to be studying in Paris under Errol King. He is a renowned chef and she is looking forward to learning from him. They have a chance meeting and he of I am totally digging Kailin Gow's new adult books. They have a chance meeting and he offers her a place to stay in return she will have to be his live in assistant.

Not what she was expecting at all. They are both very passionate and their attraction is undeniable. Will her sweet and innocent demeanor be enough for Errol's bad boy ways. I enjoyed the interactions between Taryn and Errol. She is young and care free and seemed to bring out a different side of Errol.

It was nice to see the humor in this story as well as the seriousness of their situation. Taryn came to Paris to become a better chef.

Ofdrykkja - Mother Earth, Devour Me

She struggles through out the book with her feelings for Errol. They can't avoid the deep feelings that are formed in the short time that they are together. Plus you can imagine what kind of trouble that they could get themselves in. He is first and for most her instructor. I think it was important to me that the relationship between them wasn't forced. I believed what was happening between them was something very special. There were some very great moments between them. I was excited to learn that the next book in the series will be released soon.

I believe that this series will be a definite must read. I was not only captivated by the story, but I fell in love with the wonderful characters. So there you have it go get your copy. This book is not only well written, but it will leave you wanting more. I can't wait to see what Kailin comes up with next. It is here at the institute that she meets Errol King, who is not only a world famous chef and one of her professors, but he is also young, sexy, and very into Taryn.

So, what can go wrong when you have food, sex, and Paris? There is an obvious attraction between the two of them but it is not immediately acted upon. Gow writes in such a manner that the cat and mouse game that they play with one another is captivating. But, once their relationship does become physical is hot and steamy.

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No other man should please you the way I do. No other man should touch you. The vulnerability and insecurity that Taryn possesses are characteristics that mimic real life. And, on the flip side, the jealousy, the possessiveness, the trust issues, the vulnerability, and sensitivity that Errol exhibits all make him seem like a real man.

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  5. As, I previously asked, what can go wrong when you have food, sex, and Paris??? May 28, Jennifer rated it really liked it. With this book Kailin is upping the temperatures. There is a lot cooking in this book but it is not all happening in the kitchen. There are other places getting just as much attention as the kitchen.

    Taryn is set to attend culinary school in Paris. She has come to study under the best chef in the world Errol King. Errol King is tall, strong and imposing, with piercing blue eyes and dark hair. As Taryn arrives in Paris she finds that the apartment she has rented is not suitable. Errol steps in and With this book Kailin is upping the temperatures. Errol steps in and offers her a place to stay. She becomes his assistant and his student. He has much to teach her in culinary skills. He also has other skills he wishes to teach her. The two of them are so hot together that one of them just may get burned.

    As time goes by and situations intensify Taryn isn't so sure Paris is the place to be and Errol may be too hot to handle. Taryn decides to return home to New York but running away from your feelings isn't always the answer. I have a feeling that things on the homefront are not going to be too comforting. There is some hidden memory that inadvertently gets Taryn running. This is not a stand alone book so there is much more in store for the reader.

    More Taryn and Errol. Of course there is. There is no way we could be left hanging. I'd like to mention that kitchen utensils have taken on a new meaning and cornfields are now going to make me blush. Jul 24, Liezel Felix rated it really liked it Shelves: amazon-reviewed , erotic , teacher-student , wish-it-was-longer. The author made it where it was easy to catch on so I can be done if needed. But after reading Savor Me Book 2 I just had to backtrack and read this one too. I got so caught up in the drama between Taryn and Errol and wanted to know more.

    I am sure you will too so if you had a choice in the matter, read this one first. In this book it tells us how the Taryn and Errol met, describes how their daily interactions were, how their relationship starts from something professional into the physical and finally into something perhaps more. The teacher-student concept may be awkward for some but in this story it was never an issue for them to keep things separate. I loved how they fit perfectly. The chemistry between them was outrageous. Never have I found food play and cooking utensils that interesting. Who would have thought that a lemon reamer ….

    Jun 03, Bella rated it it was amazing. Well as always Kailin Gow has ones again did it! She has taking a story and made it amazing and I thank her for all the work she does! If you have not read her books GET on it she has some unforgettable ones! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When high-protein, minced pieces of duck and tuna are in your kitty's bowl, get ready to see them devour this dinner!

    These flavors pack a punch and will give your purr machine a happy tummy! With healthy fats and minimal carbs, Oh My Gravy gives your B. Purrfect for cats that love to lick! Learn More Find A Store. Weruva B. Be the first to review this product. At checkout you can choose from the stores that have all of your selected products available for pickup. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Skip to the end of the images gallery.