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Obese animals are prone to hypoventilation, and management of perioperative complications are even harder to manage. Brachycephalic and terrier dogs are frequently represented amongst the fatalities, but part of the risk is caused by their small size. Nonetheless, caution with the anesthesia of these breeds may be advisable. Some drugs are risk factors in many studies, but nowadays, those drugs are not used in everyday practice especially xylazine for dogs and cats, and halothane. However, even if modern drugs have not been reported to be risk factors, caution is advisable with the use of any of them.

Mask induction is one example of a practice that can put patients at risk.

Hazards and errors in anaesthesia - Ghent University Library

Mask induction is considered more stressful, longer, and less controlled than induction with injectable agents. Additionally, if it is done without monitoring e. Finally, mask induction participates in the pollution of room air by anesthetic agents. Thus, it is not advised to practice mask induction. Mortality is not the only anesthetic risk. However, only a limited number of studies report those risks; therefore, factors affecting those risks and their frequency might vary depending on the study population different breeds, surgeries or habits.

Risk factors were major surgeries orthopedic and abdominal , ASA physical status, diagnostic procedures, duration of anesthesia, and patient positioning dorsal and lateral more at risk. Risk factors included underlying cardiovascular diseases, obesity, drugs choice, and surgery.

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In human medicine, good perioperative management of hypotension decreased complications rate and improve the outcome. The frequency of some other complications associated with anesthesia has also been reported. The incidence of postoperative pneumonia is between 0. Risk factors include the type of procedures, previous neurologic deficits, duration of anesthesia, and per-operative regurgitation.

Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review

The frequency of regurgitation during anesthesia is between 0. Risk factors for regurgitation include orthopedic surgeries and obesity. Knowing that the risk of regurgitation and reflux is high, it is important to secure airway for all anesthetized patients. Anesthetized patients can develop corneal ulcers as eyelids cannot protect the eye and stretch the lachrymal film over the eye. Reported frequency of corneal ulcers is 1. In theory, adequate analgesia allows lighter plans of anesthesia; therefore, more stable vital functions, better recovery, and a faster hospital discharge.

Additionally, pain in itself can cause physiological alterations that can be harmful to the patient. Mortality during anesthesia is rare, but complications associated with anesthesia are not. So, it is fundamental to closely monitor any patient during anesthesia and to treat any complications as soon as possible before they become a long-term issue for the patient.

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A patient with mild systemic or localized disease, that does not limit normal function. Skin tumor, fracture, non-complicated umbilical hernia, and localized infection. However, documentation errors tend to cause more issues with billing than they do for the safety of the patient. Hospitals should consider processes that ensure documentation is performed by the right people at the appropriate times — not only for proper anesthesia administration but to keep everything well-organized.

5 Mistakes in Anesthesia and How to Avoid Them

A trial conducted in the medical faculty of the University of Auckland, New Zealand in shows this system can be clearly associated with reduced errors [8]. Not controlling IV flow rate properly Improper intravenous fluid regulation can result in serious complications for patients. It's critical that IV flow rates are accurately set, especially when administering anesthesia. In most cases, fluid overload can cause a patient to have a headache, high blood pressure, anxiety, and trouble breathing. On the other hand, low flow can prevent a patient from reacting to the drug as needed.

It also decreases medication errors due to drug interactions and unintentional administration of residual drugs by eliminating the need of post-medication flushing with a syringe. We were using competitive products prior to MarvelousTM. Kinks can decrease the flow and thus affect drug administration. By using a rotating connector which is also available in a stopcock configuration nurses can be assured drug administration flow disturbances are reduced.

Resources: 1. Learn about the hazards involved with anesthetic residues in the IV line Learn more about Marvelous — read our white paper Compare Marvelous to standard stopcocks and see how much time it can save you! Safety in the ICU. Author of Article. I would like to 'site' this article in a paper I am writing for school; however, I do not see appropriate information for siting, i.

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